ChuDan Toy Poodles

We would like to introduce ourselves, we are Chuck Metzger and Dan Kaufman of ChuDan Poodles. Parts of our first names were used to create our show name. Special thanks go to Lynn DeRosa, as it was her clever idea! It all started several years ago with a brown female toy poodle named Bambi. That led us to a long time friend, Ellen Adkins, who encouraged us to go to a dog show. From there, we met some wonderful friends (J Ray Johnson, David Anderson, Johanna Moreland, Kevin Stahl, Todd Patterson, Jerry Edwards, Richard Sedlack, Lynn DeRosa, Peg Collet, Sheila Hobson, Pat McMullen, Jane Winne, Betty Yerington, Ed Sweet, Carolyn Brown, Sharon Calbrecht, Jim Gerarge, Connie Hutchins, Louise Greer, David Owens and Alan Phillips, Lori Winans, Camille Lashley, Darla Panozzo to name a few!) From that time forward, we have learned a lot about breeding and showing poodles. We feel very fortunate to have met several of these individuals. Many of them have turned into long time friendships and we are very thankful for each and every one of them!

Our Experiences
We have been in poodles for over 30+ years and have owned and raised all three varieties. Presently, we raise toys specializing in black, blue, red, silver and white. We have shown and finished several to their American Kennel Club Championships and have been very fortunate to make several toy poodles, top producers.

Our Feeding Program

We have tried alot of different types of dog foods for our poodles. We feed our puppies and adults, Purina Products. We highly recommend Purina One Smart Blend True Instinct (Turkey and Venison) for your dog. Each and every puppy that leaves here, receives a complementary Purina One puppy kit that contains this dry dog food. When weening our puppies, we also use Royal Canin Mini Puppy. It's small bite size works perfect. It is nutrient packed and prevents puppies from crashing. For further information, please check out their Purina One Smart Blend True Instict Turkey & Venison and Royal Canin Mini Puppy Dry web sites.

Our Breeding Philosophy
The love for this breed and our strong dedication, encourages us in breeding quality poodles that will hopefully produce better than their parents. We strongly believe in genetically testing (Optigen) of our breeding stock periodically, to ensure that we are raising quality poodles. We are participants in the American Kennel Club Breeder of Merit program.

Our Handlers
Over the years, we have been very fortunate to have worked with some of the most talented and respected handlers in the country. As an exhibitor, you must have total trust and confidence in your handler, and at all times, maintain a strong working and business relationship.

Our Kennel
Years ago, we had a large kennel with a three fold purpose, grooming, breeding and our true love, showing poodles. After years of working ourselves to death, we got smart - got rid of the kennel! We found that quantity did not guarantee quality. In our efforts, we now know that careful selection provides us with the results we want and will produce the best show and companion poodles possible. Our puppies are all raised in a home environment with emphasis placed on socialization and being the love of someones' life.

Our Club
We are members of the Poodle Club of Central Indiana. We are active and have held various office and board positions with the Poodle Club of Central Indiana.

Deposits And Guarantee Requirements
Once a decision has been made to purchase a dog or puppy, we will require a deposit to hold that animal until it has been placed. We will at that time, try to determine a future date in which placement will be made. We will also encourage you, at that time, to schedule an advance appointment with your veterinarian, for a complete puppy check-up. Once the animal has been placed, the buyer is responsible to take that pet to their own veterinarian within 72 hours. This must be done in the designated time allowed, for our guarantee to remain valid. We guarantee that your animal will be healthy and their overall life will not be affected by any known genetic disorders during the pet's first year. If there should be a problem, a written veterinarian statement, completely explaining the reason for the return along with their diagnosis, will be required. The animal must be returned to us safely for a replacement puppy. The replacement puppy will be of like value, though we reserve the right of choice in making that replacement. On all deposits accepted, we will deduct any costs that have been incurred (phone, postage, etc.) and refund the remainder to you.

Written Contract/Receipt
Through the years, experience has taught us that any and all transactions, whether it be breeding a dog, showing a dog or selling a companion animal, should be in writing. This written document serves as a reminder to all parties, what is expected from both and what are their duties or obligations that must be carried out during the life of said animal. Each companion animal sold will receive a receipt and a copy of our guarantee as listed on our web site.

Puppy Placement
Once a companion animal is placed into a home, the new caregivers are responsible to see that the puppy is altered (neutered/spayed) at the appropriate age. All of our companion puppies are placed into homes with the understanding that it will not re-sold or bred without our knowledge and/or consent. Our puppies are placed with either AKC limited papers or without no papers to ensure that breeding does not take place. We strive to find forever homes for our companion animals, and will gladly accept any of our placement puppies back at any time. (Refunds will only be given within the 72 hour original placement time.)